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daily_obvious's Journal

though i tend to blog weekly/monthly, don't get your hopes up.

6 April
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Okay, hi. My name is Anna. I love to dance and sing and act and do normal (?) teenager things. I am trapped in Minnesota with my crazy family and friends. I am an avid roleplayer and narniawebber and I love to edit videos. My youtube is at www.youtube.com/SHILproductions. I run a Bella Thorne fansite, but I can't code or figure out cutenews or coppermine. So I basically run a FAIL fansite. I fail, at life. I'm trying this blogging thing because i realllly like talking about myself, if you couldn't tell. I am anything but oridnary. I am fourteen years old and I use my cell phone around once a month but I log onto narniaweb daily/hourly. I absolutely love and adore my SHIL girls. Di, Scar, Bunnie, Tonks, Cherry, Reesey. I get pissed off pretty easily, but if you say the right things I'll probably love you to pieces within minutes of being introduced/meeting you. I am an immense geek (imagine that!) And I named my blog the daily obvious because daily obviousing is what I do best. And I love SBP. But I despise remus/sirius. Don't tell my I'm an oxymoron, my LIFE is an oxymoron.
My favorite phrase at the moment is 'story of my life', just warning you.